The Last of Us creates panic among viewers who fear a real zombie apocalypse

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime Video like us, you may be looking forward to the new episode of the phenomenon series The Last of Us every Monday. To remind you, the HBO series is directly inspired by the universe, the plot and the characters introduced. Anonymous game developed by Naughty Dog.

Story features for neophytes an apocalypse caused by the mutation of a fungusto know cordyceps. This fungus, which normally infects ants most in TV series and games, now affects humans as well. It exists among these parasitic fungi, as João Araújo, assistant curator of mycology (fungal study) at the Botanical Institute of the New York Botanical Garden explains. species that can control their hosts (i.e. 35 currently).

The writers of The Last of Us were abused for this reason This feature of Cordyceps will transfer it on human. But if you were scared by the first episodes of the series, don’t panic. As a matter of fact, as the world-famous mycologist Paul Stamets has stated, mushrooms are not our enemies.

The Last of Us mushroom stink is not possible

In a recent Twitter thread, the expert praised HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us and stated that the series was a success for us.”It takes you on a literary adventure in sci-fi, while tapping into the public’s fascination, fear, and joy with mushrooms.”

So despite being a fan of the series, Paul Stamets remains a scientist first and foremost, and it’s official: “Let’s be realistic. Cordyceps cannot infect humans.” It also adds: Mushrooms are a great remedy and source of solutions. problems facing humanity.

In fact, mushrooms today offer some of the best solutions needed to solve the many existential threats we face. In fact, cordyceps-like fungi can replace most chemical pesticides with an environmentally sound and economically scalable solution.” he finishes.

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