Superman decides to execute Lex Luthor after decades

[Atenção: este conteúdo contém spoilers das HQs ‘‘Superman: Lost #9’.]

O Super man is one of the most politically correct heroes in existence, and his moral code is considered almost incorruptible.

The Krypton survivor has enormous respect and attachment to life, and one of his main rules is to never execute anyone, even if they are a villain.

Therefore, thanks to this guideline, the alien is able to impose barriers on himself and prevent the power from going to his head, as has already happened with some of his versions that resided in other alternative realities in the DC Comics universe.

However, in the comic book miniseries ‘Superman: Lost’, Clark Kent finds himself in a very complicated situation, and, thanks to the cruelties of his arch-enemy, Lex Luthor, the Man of Steel considers putting a definitive end to the villain’s existence.

A plot full of surprises and drama

In the title mentioned above, the reader will follow a Super man dejected who tries to recover from a severe depression, after returning to planet Earth after spending almost 20 years completely lost in outer space. Despite staying so long, most people only felt the passing of a single day.

Furthermore, the work will show the efforts of Lois Lane, the hero’s eternal love, to bring the powerful being back to his healthy emotional state.

After failing in her attempt, the journalist looks for none other than Lex Luthor, in order to see if he could help in any way.

Initially, the tycoon appears friendly and willing to collaborate; however, as always, he hides sinister intentions behind his good deeds.

Superman has never been adept at murdering villains, but that seems to have changed – Image: DC Comics/Reproduction.

Secretly, the villain causes an aggressive type of cancer in the girl, who, in order not to leave her lover even more shaken, decides to hide his symptoms.

However, this would be of no use, and the Super man He soon found out about the situation and sought to put an end to whoever was responsible once and for all.

In the preview for ‘Superman: Lost #9’, which is due to be released later this week, Lois is seen investigating a case for the Daily Planet. However, the illness caused by Luthor leaves her increasingly weak and debilitated as time progresses.

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At the beginning of the day, we can see the billionaire hidden in a coffee shop, just waiting for some action from the Man of Steel.

The latter, in turn, suddenly appears and throws the criminal against a brick wall, only to throw him in front of a bus afterwards.

Clark Kent has killed before in other realities, such as in the game ‘Injustice’, in which we can see a tyrannical Superman who rules the entire world with an iron fist after his beloved and his unborn child were killed by the Joker.

However, due to the use of a costume that he recently received in a magazine belonging to the main chronology, it is expected that the events that happen in this adventure will be treated as canonical facts that will greatly impact the hero’s life from now on.

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