Superboy: new comic challenges everything we know about the hero

[Alerta: a matéria a seguir contém spoilers sobre ‘Superman #8’.]

The saga of Super man It’s a vast and captivating narrative that continues to surprise fans with unexpected twists and turns. Recently, a new comic delved into Superboy’s origins, revealing a shocking and intriguing story behind his powers.

In the 8th edition of ‘Superman’, written by Joshua Williamson, the Super family discovers a shocking revelation about the origin of Superman’s powers. Superboyaltering the previous understanding of the character, also known as Connor Kent/Kon-El.

Origin of Superboy’s powers revealed in comics

Image: DC Comics/Reproduction

Superboy is a character from DC Comics known for being a genetically modified clone of Superman.

He is often portrayed as a teenager with a mix of Superman’s DNA and that of his arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor. His civil name varies between Kon-El, Connor Kent or other variations, depending on the story.

Superboy possesses a variety of powers similar to Superman’s, such as super strength, heat vision, flight and invulnerability.

However, he can also have unique abilities or variations in powers, depending on the narrative in which he is inserted.

His story often explores the desire to prove his worth as a herodeal with his dual identity and find his place in the world as a brave and strong defender of justice.

Now, in ‘Superman #8’, DC fans have discovered more about Superboy’s origin. The comic revealed that he is a clone of Clark Kent, with a mix of Kryptonian and human DNA, coming from Lex Luthor.

However, the story goes beyond that to reveal that his powers are linked to Samuel Stryker, also known as The Chained, son of the creator of Stryker Island Penitentiary.

After a violent confrontation with his father, Samuel, gifted with tactile telekinesis, was isolated by Lex Luthor, who channeled some of these abilities to create Superboy. This revelation promises to impact the dynamics of the family of Kryptonian heroes.

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