Stronger than the Hulk? Marvel surprises by revealing who could really defeat the hero

Surely you have already asked yourself: “who is the strongest hero in the world? Marvel?”. For many people, that answer is simple: when it comes to physical strength, it’s the Hulk. However, there is a hero who has appeared in several Marvel films who has been confirmed as a strong competitor, being considered even stronger than the Emerald Giant. Check out!

The hero who can defeat Hulk

Image: Frances Gan/Getty Images

When it comes to physical strength, it is almost unanimous among Marvel fans that the Hulk is one of the strongest heroes in the world. comics.

It should be noted that this only applies to the Marvel universe in comics. With regard to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM or MCU), which includes the films and series already released, the Hulk was adapted into a less strong and more comical version.

What does the HQ say?

According to volume 7 of the new edition of “Guardians of the Galaxy”, Groot is strong enough to face Hulk. That’s what Wiccano says to Hulking when he arrives in Grootspace, Groot’s new form.

This type of comparison is not common in comics, especially when it comes to the Hulk. However, Marvel Comics often places these statements casually in characters’ speech.

What are Groot’s powers?

It is worth remembering that, in the comics, Groot has already faced, one-on-one, Thanos and Gladiator, two great Marvel villains. In addition to his super strength, Groot can also regenerate, change size and has different forms, like Baby Groot.

Hulk already fought Groot once in “Tales to Astonish”, issue #13 from 1959. The fight between the two heroes was quite fierce, and Groot started by beating the green giant, beating him and throwing him far away.

However, Hulk managed to win through a strategy created at the time of the fight, which consisted of pulling out Groot’s roots to tear him apart.

Currently, it is not known which of the two heroes would win a fight, as Groot has reached his most powerful form, considered his “ultimate”, and the Hulk It is so strong that it can be compared to a god.

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