Streaming: What are the best free video services?

Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, myCanal, Apple TV+… there’s no shortage of premium and therefore paid video streaming platforms, and new players are regularly joining this already crowded market like Paramount+ lately. However, there is also a very strong demand to watch movies and series for free legally and even with the advent of the FAST model (free television streaming, ad-supported) users have a wide variety of options at their disposal. ). Google TV has even adapted to user claims to better highlight such content on its interface. We recommend a number of free video streaming services that we think are interesting and you might like, feel free to have a look!

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of the best known free video streaming platforms, and a French version has been available since early 2021. The service offers a linear offer, meaning the content is broadcast live on channels such as television. With More than 100 channels available In France, the election is legion. Some channels are thematic (history, animals, video games, cartoons, etc.) and others constantly broadcast episodes from the same series or the same saga (Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc.).

A dedicated video-on-demand area is also available, providing access to many movies of all genres, including the original Dune, for example, as well as all seasons of TV shows like South Park, Detective Conan, A guy a girl, Starsky & Hutch. or The Musketeers (BBC).

Pluto TV

No need to register, just go to the app or site and choose your program to start watching. Whether on-line or on-demand, Pluto TV makes money by showing ads before and during the release of content. The service is available in the form of a website and an app for most ecosystems: Android, iOS, Smart TV, Windows, macOS…


Molotov is a well-known platform that provides video streaming access to streams of DTT channels and certain TV packages. The free offer is limited, offering only a few replays and missing channels from the TF1 and M6 bands, but it can be helpful in certain situations or when you need TV access to free channels from France Télévisions, RMC/BFM or Canal. set…

The service seeks to diversify and recently launched seven thematic FAST channels under the Mango brand, which brings together free Molotov content:

  • Mango
  • Mango Series
  • Mango Cinema
  • kids with mango
  • Mango Documents
  • Mango History
  • Mango Novels

In addition to the programs offered linearly on these channels, Molotov has a Mango AVOD (ad-supported video-on-demand) catalog that condenses over the months. On the series side, the timeless Mr. Besides Bean, we have access to programs such as Les Tudors, The Body Collector, Louis la Brocante, Les Cordier Juge et Flic or Hélène et les Garçons. If you prefer feature films, Molotov’s has Sex Therapy, Sharknado 5, Journey to the Center of the Earth, World Alone and many more.


A Molotov app is available on all major desktop, mobile and TV platforms. It is also compatible with the Chromecast function.

Samsung TV+

With Samsung TV Plus, you have access to over a hundred free streaming channels covering a wide range of themes. We have a mix of BBC and MTV channels, documentaries, reality TV, cooking, sports, music, news… The platform also allows you to watch movies from the many cinema channels that make up the offer. Kids are not forgotten as they have access to Jellytoon, SuperToons TV or the special channels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob SquarePants or Caillou.

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Samsung TV+

Most of the content on Samsung TV Plus is presented in linear format, but there is also a section dedicated to video-on-demand. If the service is free, you must have a Samsung device to access it: television, smartphone, tablet. Since it is the number 1 manufacturer of TVs and smartphones in France, the platform can reach a wide range of users. On mobile, you have to download the app from a store while it’s pre-installed and available locally on many of the brand’s Smart TV models.

Rakuten TV

Known for its strategic partnerships with Cdiscount in France, Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten offers one of the world’s most famous free streaming platforms: Rakuten TV. There are many movies and series on video-on-demand with advertising, including exclusive and original content, which is quite rare on this type of service. a chapter french movies It makes it possible to view our local productions such as Opération 118 318, which is not always the case on major international AVOD platforms. The kids entertainment section is pretty full, and we have access to some movies that sound like Underworld, Stuart Little or Bad Teacher.

Rakuten TV is also live linear television. Besides the French version of Euronews, there are also thematic channels devoted to comedies, news, action movies, cooking and even criminal cases. In short, there is something for everyone. A store houses a library of movies to buy or rent, and there is a wealth of artifacts there, including many of the newly released movies of the moment.

Rakuten TV

In addition to its generous catalog on FAST or AVOD, Rakuten TV draws its strength from its strong presence in a variety of media. The app is pre-installed on some Smart TV models and can be downloaded from various app stores for TV systems. Rakuten TV is also available as an app on computers and Android mobile phones and iPhone/iPad via the web interface. It is not necessary to create an account to watch free content.


Two audiovisual giants NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. supported by Discovery, Vudu is only available in the US, so you’ll need to connect to a VPN to access it. The service is best known for its catalog of video-on-demand to rent or buy, but it also offers a section devoted to ad-free content.

Few programs exist in French, as Voodoo is theoretically inaccessible from France. But when you look at the International category, you can find some French productions in the original version (hence VF), such as Dany Boon’s comedy Raid dingue or The Choice of Shame with Alexandra Lamy. For Spanish speakers, the choice is greater thanks to the existence of a category devoted specifically to Spanish content. You have to do the rest in English and then the options are many: TV shows, serials, movies of all genres, documentaries…


You must create an account to view content on Vudu, even if it is free. The platform has a website and mobile app for Android and iOS.

MyTF1, 6Play, France TV, RMC BFM Play

Here we bring together all the live streaming, replay and content-on-demand services from the major French media groups. In many cases, MyTF1, 6Play, France TV, RMC BFM Play are especially useful for watching live channels broadcast on DTT or catching up on shows you might have missed on traditional linear television, these platforms are evolving to offer even more content. .

For example, in MyTF1, we have a Stream section with dozens of channels in FAST format. Some are thematic (romantic comedies, action movies, Japanese anime, thrillers, etc.), while others broadcast episodes of a very special series or program on a loop. Palmashow, Lolywood, The Shield, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Star Academy, Dancing with the Stars, The Villa of Broken Hearts… these programs all have their own broadcast channels on MyTF1.

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6Play isn’t that comprehensive, but it’s starting to offer this type of ad-supported shelf content as well. The platform provides access to Vice, Konbini, Zone Interdite, Enquêtes Criminelles, Telenovelas and Téléfilms channels available 24 hours a day. According to 6play, a Live channel allows you to enjoy the flagship programs of the M6 ​​group that are already broadcast on TNT channels. France Télévisions is lagging behind in this segment, but is working to launch its first FAST channels in the near future.


Tubi is a very popular platform in the United States. Like Vudu, it is not available in France and you must use a VPN to access it. That’s why most of the content is in English, and an entire section also offers programs in Spanish. The variety of content is impressive in this service, which is clearly one of the most complete services on the market today. Tubi counts industry heavyweights like MGM, Lionsgate, Warner Bros., and Paramount as partners to feed its catalog.

From the news feed to sports, we have access to numerous live channels, including TV shows, movies, series and documentaries. Many of these channels are not available on other FAST platforms, and there is content that is hard to get for free elsewhere, even if some are quite American-oriented. Tubi is also a wide offer of video-on-demand and relatively new quality movies. The Amazin Spider-man, The Smurfs: The Lost Village, The Hanger Games, Ghostbusters, Hancock, Twilight… many well-known feature films that you can enjoy at no cost with just a few commercials.


You don’t even need to create an account to watch live channels and AVOD content. Tubi is on the web, on Android and iOS via a downloadable app, and on many TV systems (Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, LG, Sony, Hisense and Samsung built-in OS and even consoles Xbox and Playstation game) .

Oqee Cinema

As Samsung TV Plus is exclusive to Samsung device owners, only Freebox subscribers can access Oqee Ciné at no additional charge for their subscription. Advertising-supported video-on-demand is growing over the months, after all, it’s a new service. On the film side, Oqee Ciné for example Limitless, Hellboy, Godzilla, Tintin, Encounter of the Third Kind, Evil Dead, Frankenstein, Remember Last Summer 2… For the series, Married, Two Children or Taken, among others: others. .

oqee cine knows everything

Oqee Ciné is part of Oqee by Free, which provides access to 220 TV channels and many replay services. The app is available in Devialet, Pop and Revolution boxes supplied by Free (mini 4K and Crystal are not compatible). Also available on Android TV, Apple TV, Android, iOS and web browser.


Let’s end this selection with the platform that everyone already knows: YouTube! Google ownership will no longer be offered: sketches, fiction, popular videos, music videos, reruns… you can find everything on YouTube and a Premium subscription is far from necessary if you support ads.


The service even lets you view many artifacts legally. For example, did you know that all episodes of the Kaamelott series are available for free on YouTube? Some channels also broadcast movies for which they have rights. You can type “full film in French” in the search bar to find your happiness. The thriller Stockholm Mafia, Wolf Cage and even United Fight can be watched in French, for example, on the Cinéma Cinemas channel.

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