Streaming platform has a forgotten drama that you can’t miss

Drama fans have a new reason to be excited as the streaming platform Rakuten Viki has just released an unmissable film production that promises to bring laughs and move the public with its engaging story.

Entitled ‘Underground Encounter‘, this film is one of the biggest hits among fans of South Korean plots, offering a unique combination of comedy and drama.

Premiered on the big screen in 2007, ‘Underground Encounter’ is the result of the creativity of screenwriter Lee Hyeon-Cheol and marks the debut of filmmaker Kim Jong Jin as a director.

With an intriguing and original synopsis, the film transports viewers to the 1980s, following the journey of the eldest son of a poor family who decides to move to Seoulin South Korea, looking for new opportunities, aiming to become a teacher.

However, arriving in the big city is not as easy as he expected: as soon as he arrives there, he becomes the victim of a robbery and loses all his money and his bags.

Despite this, by a twist of fate, he arrives in a remote town where the residents are desperately looking for a new teacher to educate the local children.

A crush on a mysterious person

‘Encontro Subterrâneo’ arouses the interest of streaming subscribers – Image: Reproduction

The plot gains even more complexity when our protagonist falls in love with a mysterious local woman, whose origin is a mystery, as the city’s inhabitants only claim that she comes from the North.

The plot takes a surprising turn when it is revealed that the residents have been maintaining secret communication with a town in North Korea through an underground tunnel, which connects the two places.

In this sense, ‘Underground Encounter’ represents a charming mix of comedy and drama elements, offering viewers an engaging and exciting narrative.

With its debut on the Rakuten Viki platform, drama fans can immerse themselves in a unique cinematic experience, full of laughter, romance and tense moments.

With a story that transcends borders and addresses universal themes, the drama promises to win the hearts of everyone looking for quality entertainment and an engaging narrative.

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