‘Star Wars’ twist: what led Palpatine to lose trust in Darth Vader and seek a replacement?

The comics of “Star Wars” continue to surprise fans with exciting twists on the canon, and the most recent release, “Darth Vader #35,” is no exception. In this issue, we are introduced to pivotal events that reveal Palpatine’s strategy to control Darth Vader and find a replacement pupil.

The Sith Lords were known for their cruelty and unquestioningness in the saga’s universe. However, even operating under the Rule of Two, greed and internal competition still existed. In “Darth Vader #35,” we witness how Palpatine used Vader as a tool for the Empire, while secretly plotting its demise.

The end of the villain

During the events of the comic, the Fermata Cage, a weapon, is launched by the Archivist and Qi’ra. The intention was to arrest Palpatine and his pupil, Vader, but the plan failed. However, a shockwave is released from the cage, which causes chaos in the Force.

The effects on Vader are devastating, so much so that control over his powers is completely lost.

With Vader’s powers in disarray, he takes the Star Destroyer The disappear through a hole opened in its side. Palpatine, seeing this weakness as an opportunity, instructs Mas Amedda to find Vader, but not to rescue him, but to eliminate him.

Meanwhile, Vader seeks help to regain his powers from Doctor Aphra.

Looking for a new student

Uncontrolled powers, the desire to be a Sith Lord and several failures made Palpatine want to replace Vader. After the bounty hunters fail to kill the legendary Vader, Palpatine sees in Luke Skywalker the possibility of having a new disciple willing to eliminate him.

Palpatine tricks Vader by pretending he wants Luke with them on the Dark Side. However, his real plan is to have Luke replace Vader as his apprentice. Fortunately, Palpatine underestimates the new student’s abilities, which ends up leading to his death.

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