‘Star Wars’ reveals the most powerful being in its universe

[Atenção: este conteúdo tem spoilers de ‘Star Wars: Dark Droids #5’.]

The universe of ‘Star Wars‘ is full of iconic characters that have won over fans through comics, books, films, series and games.

Among this vast list, a character who has always played a special role in the franchise’s mythology was recently confirmed as the most powerful in its canon, at least so far.

The revelation occurred at the end of the ‘Dark Droids’ crossover, which covered all the ‘Star Wars’ titles published by Marvel Comics in recent months.

The plot features a villain so formidable he rivals Darth Vader: a viral artificial intelligence (AI) called Scourge.

It has origins that date back to the galaxy’s ancient times, when a dark side cult known as the Ascendant sought to artificially replicate the Force.

‘Dark Droids #5’ was recently released and concluded the crossover — Image: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

The cult was decimated by the Sith, but not before creating an AI called the Eternal Spark.

Thousands of years later, in the era of the original ‘Skywalker Saga’ trilogy, the narrative of ‘Dark Droids’ reveals that this AI merged with another, ancient and designed by the Sith, which resulted in the Scourge.

This formidable enemy appears between ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’, specifically after Luke Skywalker loses his hand on Bespin.

At this moment, Skywalker is in a vulnerable state, as the story unravels his connection to Darth Vader.

So who is this most powerful character?

The development of ‘Dark Droids’ highlights that both practitioners of the Dark Side, such as the Sith, and adherents of the Light of the Force, such as the Jedi, prove equally incapable of defeating the Scourge.

Instead of continuing to fight the threat, Darth Vader makes the surprising decision to join forces with it, aiming to overthrow the Emperor.

Luke Skywalker, resisting as best he could, finds himself in an unfavorable situation, apparently with no hope of victory.

Like many others in the galaxy, he is infected by the Scourge, becoming a living conduit between the Force and the robotic villain, practically guaranteeing the dark droids’ triumph.

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However, an unlikely hero emerges to save the day — but to understand him, it is necessary to revisit a discreet subplot of this entire plot.

From the beginning of Dark Droids, a divide among the droids was evident, as while most supported the Scourge’s plans for domination, some supported Ajax Sigma, a sentient robot who led the automaton revolution against humans during the High Republic.

When the Scourge dominates Luke and declares “I will be the new Force”, his main body is destroyed by Ajax Sigma, using a sword capable of trapping the villain’s consciousness, freeing all the automatons and organic beings absorbed by the viral AI.

How does this highlight Luke as the most powerful character in ‘Star Wars’?

Well, ‘Dark Droids’ demonstrates that the Scourge has roamed the galaxy, controlling robots and organic beings to access and become the Force itself.

Only by dominating Luke, who has a unique connection and control over the Force, does the villain achieve what he needs to achieve his intention.

Although this does not surprise fans, it represents an important milestone for ‘Star Wars’, as, with the canon being revisited, many characters have acquired powers on a scale never seen in the ‘Skywalker Saga’.

That includes Luke, and now with the outcome of ‘Dark Droids‘, it is clear that he is truly the most powerful character in ‘Star Wars’ — at least so far.