Star Wars: a sequel to Solo on Disney+ soon? The screenwriter answers

In 2018, Disney is introducing a new Star Wars spin-off based on one of the legend’s most popular characters: Han Solo. All the elements were there to make it a huge success, especially since the previous spin-off Rogue One was well received by both critics and the public. However, it did not absorb the sauce. Until today, Solo becomes the lowest-grossing film in the history of the saga.

Also, few fans expect to see a sequel, even on Disney+ alone today. Without completely losing hope. Its director, Ron Howard, told The Hollywood Reporter: “There’s a lot of talent in solo and it’s [il] I would love to see some of these characters again.” on the small or large screen. And she’s not the only one on her team to wish Bring these characters back to life.

Solo screenwriter wants to make a sequel for Disney+

Solo screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan really reassured our colleagues at ComicBook about the question. The man who co-wrote the film with his father, who is also the screenwriter of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, admits that he’s already thought about this question. while accepting that Disney+ is already awash with great Star Wars contentIncluding the popular Andor series described by Kasdan “The best Star Wars franchise in history”.

“If there is a reason to do solo 2, I think there must be a good reason”explains the latter. “But I will undoubtedly be happy to participate in the project.” It is therefore a sequel that is not really relevant at the moment, but should not be ruled out. It is hoped that the stars of the galaxy, no matter how far away, will align correctly.

Source : comic book

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