‘Star Wars’: a rare Force ability was ANNIHILATED by Palpatine; know which

The “Star Wars” comics have been fundamental in filling in the gaps of the first three features, revealing important details and events from the canon. Now, they bring to light an intriguing discovery: the construction of Death Star it was a horrible act that led to the elimination of a very rare Force ability.

The Death Star, with its impressive size, required an absurd amount of resources for its macabre purpose of planetary destruction with a single, powerful laser beam. Despite the destruction of this structure by the Rebel Alliance, the damage caused by Palpatine was already irreparable.

Kyber Crystals

To activate the powerful laser, all possible Kyber crystals were used – the same ones found with Jedi throughout the galaxy. Palpatine not only obtained all of these resources, but ended up eliminating the ability to communicate with the crystals.

In the comic “Star Wars #35”, Luke Skywalker meets an expert in Kyber crystals, Dr. Cuata, one of the few remaining in the galaxy. It is worth mentioning that this edition takes place between the second and third films of the original trilogy.

As Luke talks to Dr. Cuata, he notes that the man is able to communicate with Kyber crystals, a natural ability for those who spend a lot of time in contact with them.

Palpatine’s cruelty

Palpatine raided known caves of Kyber crystals across the galaxy, offering huge rewards for information about them. In this way, the Emperor prevented anyone from having prolonged access to this material, eliminating the ability to communicate with Kyber crystals.

Before the Clone Wars, the crystal caves on Ilum had almost unlimited access to the Jedi Order, who regularly sent their apprentices there. It was common for someone to dedicate a lifetime to studying these crystals, which naturally developed the ability to communicate with them.

Palpatine’s actions demonstrate his cruelty and strategy in using a resource from the Jedi and, at the same time, eliminating these crystals’ connection to the Force.

By revealing these details, “Star Wars” leads us to understand how dark Palpatine’s actions were in his quest for absolute power. This discovery highlights the importance of balance and preservation of skills and knowledge linked to the Force.

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