Stanley in new job? Nubank makes film with actor from ‘The Office’; look

Images of actor Leslie David Baker in Brazil began circulating on the internet recently and soon generated enormous commotion among fans. He became famous for playing the character Stanley in ‘The Office’.

Was it just a trip? Or would he be working in Brazil? These doubts were clarified in recent days, after the digital bank Nubank released its new advertising campaign. The videos produced by the brand star Baker.

Through social media, the fintech gave details about the actor’s visit to the country. First, he released the teaser of a short advertising film starring him. And this Monday (19), the full video was published.

Called ‘Paper Plans’, the film will basically show what the next step in Leslie David Baker’s life will be. The content is already on all social networks in the Nubank.

See below:

Nubank takes advantage of the character’s story

In the series ‘The Office’, which debuted in the 2000s and starred Steve Carell, the character Stanley was known for living a life of continuous stress and dreamed of retiring one day.

The script for Nubank’s short film draws a connection with Stanley’s dream. He appears in the film already retired and coming for vacation in Brazil.

At no point is the series mentioned, but as Leslie David Baker fans already know, it will be easy to identify this connection.

The only clear reference to the sitcom is expressed through the “World’s Best Boss” mug and the crossword puzzle.

The reactions of internet users, as soon as they saw the actor’s participation in the campaign, were immediate. “You gave Stanley another job”, asked a fan in the comments.

The answer, apparently, is one:

Actor Leslie David Baker in the short film made by Nubank – Photo: Nubank/Reproduction

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