Stan Lee revealed that he HATED this edition of Iron Man

Stan Lee is widely known as the father of Marvel’s most beloved creations. Even after leaving the company, he continued to be the emblematic figure of Casa das Ideias. However, there is one story in particular involving Iron Man that Stan Lee admitted to intensely hating.

This controversial case was revealed by Comic Book Resources, in Comic Book Legends Revealed. The situation dates back to the 1970s, when Marvel was on the rise and Stan Lee began to move away from writing comics to focus on marketing and expansion activities.

The new guard against the old guard

During this period, writer Roy Thomas took on the role of editor-in-chief and needed to add new talent to the creative teams amid the expansion of Casa das Ideias. This is how several young writers entered the scene and revitalized Marvel Comics in the 1980s.

However, the ideas of young writers did not always align with those of the “old guard”, which was represented by Stan Lee. And it was in this context that Jim Starlin’s career almost came to an end at the beginning.

A disagreement in creation

Jim Starlin, one of the new talents recruited by Roy Thomas, debuted with a story that introduced the villain Thanos, who would become one of his greatest creations at Marvel. Because he did well, he was cast in another job.

However, when collaborating with Steve Gerber on “Iron Man #56″, Stan Lee expressed his complete disgust with the story. According to Starlin, in an interview with Jon B. Cooke, Stan Lee said, “This is terrible,” and fired them immediately.

The reason for Stan Lee’s hatred

Although we don’t know the exact reason for Stan Lee’s hatred for the story, we can speculate that it was due to the mocking tone and dark art, or perhaps because it referenced EC Comics and “mocked” its own characters. The exact motivations can only be conjectured.

Ultimately, this creative divergence shows that even a genius like Stan Lee had his moments of disagreement. However, his legacy in Marvel Comics remains undeniable and his creations continue to captivate generations of fans.

Stan Lee’s relationship with his creations was not always perfect. His open hatred of an Iron Man story is just one example of the complex relationship he had with his own work.

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However, that doesn’t take away from the positive impact his creations have had on the world of comics and pop culture as a whole. Stan Lee will always be remembered as one of the great masters of visual storytelling.