Spotify: Latest update breaks app on Android, player disappeared

While Spotify has been battling the stock market since the beginning of the year, a new mistake has further damaged its reputation. For the past few days, users have been flocking to Reddit and the forums to report a problem with the player. The script is the same every time. Clicking on a song and a podcast starts playback, but there is no player bar at the bottom of the screen. Also, no player appears in the notifications menu of the smartphone. In fact, it is impossible to pause or otherwise interact with content.

The issue appears to only affect Android smartphones. According to testimonies, Samsung Galaxy and OnePlus phones in particular will be affected. At the time of writing Moyens I/O, we were able to see the error ourselves and confirm that it does indeed exist on Galaxy smartphones. Also, while some things like playback via YouTube videos are enabled, playback periodically stops for a few seconds.

Got Spotify error on your Android smartphone? you are not alone

Spotify admits that the latest app update is causing the problem. There are currently no patches available for download. The platform has requested more information from its users to try to locate the source of the error. From the collected testimonies, it seems that most of the affected users are on Android 12.

Therefore, we will have to wait a little longer before Spotify deploys a corrective patch. We’ve realized that at the moment the only solution to make the player reappear is to completely close and reopen the app. If the player is available when you start a song, you shouldn’t have any problems until the next listen.

Source : reddit

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