See everything coming to Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Apple and Mubi in February

The month of February will be busy streaming platforms. Several films, series, documentaries and reality shows will hit catalogs in the coming days. It’s worth paying attention so you don’t miss anything!

Among the highlights are the first season of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ (Prime Video), the award-winning ‘Aftersun’ and ‘Avatar: The Airbender’, both on Netflix. To help, we’ve made a complete list of what’s coming.

You will notice that there are many new features, such as the 3rd and final season of ‘Bom Dia, Verônica’, the romantic comedy ‘Love Games’ and the third film in the ‘Through My Window’ franchise.

O Prime Videoone of the platforms with the largest catalog of films, will also receive ‘BlackBerry’, ‘Fast and Furious 10’, ‘Belfast’, ‘Making My Film’ and ‘This Is Me… Now’, a documentary by singer Jennifer Lopez.

‘Fast and Furious 10’ is among Prime Video’s February news – Photo: Reproduction

Disney+ and Mubi

On Disney+, the big attraction is the arrival of the film ‘The Marvels’, while on Mubi the list of films is extensive, with productions such as: ‘Sibyl’, the thriller ‘Reality’ and the Brazilian classic ‘Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands’ ‘.

At AppleTV+, the highlights are the fiction series ‘The New Look’, which brings together big names in fashion, and the documentary ‘Messi’s World Cup – The Rise of the Legend’. See the full list below:

February streaming news


  • February 7: ‘Light’
  • February 8: ‘One Day’
  • February 9: ‘A Killer Paradox’
  • February 14: ‘Bom Dia, Verônica’ (3rd season) and ‘Love Games’
  • February 15: ‘House of Ninjas’
  • February 22: ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and ‘Aftersun’
  • February 23: ‘Through My Window 3: Eye to Eye’
  • February 28: ‘Code 8: Renegades’

Prime Video

  • February 1: ‘Fast and Furious 10’
  • February 2: ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’
  • February 6: ‘Belfast’
  • February 8: ‘The Bad Guys’
  • February 9: ‘Upgraded: The Colors of Love’ and ‘Inside’
  • February 12: ‘Five Blind Dates’
  • February 14: ‘Making My Movie’ and ‘They/Them: The Camp’
  • February 15: ‘The Summoning Game’
  • February 16: ‘This Is Me… Now’
  • February 20: ‘Prisoner’s Daughter’
  • February 21: ‘BlackBerry’.
  • February 23: ‘Soltos em Salvador (4th season)’ and ‘Apartamento 404’
  • February 29: ‘Red Queen’
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  • February 11: ‘Ninja Kamui’


  • February 7: ‘The Marvels’


  • February 14: ‘The New Look’
  • February 21: ‘Constellation’ and ‘Messi’s World Cup – The Rise of the Legend’


  • February 2: ‘Sibil’, ‘The Face of the Jellyfish’ and ‘Reality’
  • February 9: ‘Medianeras: Buenos Aires in the Era of Virtual Love’, ‘The Love of Lions’, ‘Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands’, ‘The Woman Next Door’, ‘Zoo — One Z and Two Zeros’ and ‘ The dreamers’
  • February 16: ‘Irreversible’ and ‘The Secret of Vera Drake’
  • February 19: ‘A Star Is Born (1937)’
  • February 23: ‘There’s Only One Mother’, ‘Our Father’, ‘Life: A Portrait of James Dean’ and ‘The Price of Betrayal’