Ryan Gosling explains why his daughters can’t watch ‘Barbie’

Ryan Gosling, one of the most influential actors of his generation, recently raised an interesting family question related to his film work.

Known for his role as Ken in ‘Barbie‘, he made the decision not to allow his daughters, Esmeralda and Amada, to watch the film.

This choice, as revealed in an interview with the website E! News, was based on the unusual nature of his character and the girls’ ages.

Ryan Gosling plays Ken in the film ‘Barbie’ – Image: Recreio/Reproduction

Family relationship with the film

Gosling, married to fellow actress Eva Mendes, emphasized the strangeness and peculiarity of seeing his father in such a different role as Ken.

He pondered the right time for his daughters to understand and appreciate this performance, indicating that the time has not yet come.

However, this was not a total exclusion from the film’s universe. The girls were present on set during the filming of the landmark musical number ‘I’m Just Ken’ and watched small parts of the work.

Influence of the film on girls’ lives

Despite the partial veto, the film’s influence was notable on the lives of Esmeralda and Amada. Contact with the ‘Barbie’ scene generated in them a special interest in doll.

This admiration manifested itself in frequent requests to visit the Target store, where, very discreetly, they headed to the Barbie aisle.

This behavior caught the attention of Gosling and Mendes, who soon understood their daughters’ growing fascination with dolls, noting that their interest did not only extend to Ken, Gosling’s character.

The ‘Barbie’ Plot and Gosling’s Performance

‘Barbie’, starring Margot Robbie, takes audiences on a journey in and out of Barbieland.

In the plot, the doll faces unexpected challenges in her previously perfect world and ventures into the Real World in search of solutions.

Gosling’s participation as Ken adds a complex layer to the story, especially when Barbie returns to her reality and is faced with a radical transformation in it.

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