Ridiculous power from DC comics is completely transformed by Marvel

In the world of comics, superpowers are the core of many narratives. Among them, some are received with admiration, while others carry a certain disdain.

There is a fascination with exceptional superpowers – those that allow characters to defy the laws of physics, reverse the unchangeable, or simply display feats that leave us awestruck. However, the power to eat anything has always been considered ridiculous.

Marvel reinvents DC Comics’ strange power

DC Comics introduced this peculiar power through Tenzil Kem, the “Eat-All Boy”. Although he even devoured asteroids, his ability was seen more as a trick than a benefit.

Image: DC Comics/Reproduction

A Marvel, on the other hand, decided to build a new narrative for this power that has always been seen as silly. The company decided to reinvent this peculiar power with a new character called Olvido.

Unlike the All-Eating Boy, Olvido has a connection to an antimatter universe, which allows him to absorb energy attacks and retaliate with a negatively charged version of the absorbed attack.

This plot unfolds in the issue “Children of the Vault #3”, where Olvido, together with the Children of the Chamber, faces Cable and Bishop.

At a critical point in the battle, Olvido absorbs a micro-singularity fired at a structure, demonstrating a fascinating application of the power to consume matter.

Image: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

Marvel’s “Children of the Vault #3” reignites enthusiasm by challenging the status quo. The plot highlights the position of the Children of the Chamber, a group of super-powered post-humans, in confrontation with Cable and Bishop, two of the most wanted men in the world.

In a world full of enemies, the battle quickly escalates, revealing the depth of Olvido’s power. The revelation of this reimagined power opens an invitation to explore how seemingly inauspicious superpowers can be reinvented.

Additionally, the narrative hints at a potential evolution for DC’s All-Eating Boy, offering an opportunity for redemption for a power previously overlooked.

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