Return of important character in ‘Chainsaw Man’ confirms Reze’s fate

The universe of “Chainsaw Man” continues to surprise readers with twists and turns, and the most recent chapter brought back a long-absent character, igniting speculation about the future of the plot.

In the long-awaited chapter 139, the character Sugo Miro returns, bringing with him crucial information about the whereabouts of the enigmatic Reze.

Reze may finally appear again in ‘Chainsaw Man’

The chapter begins with Denji meeting Sugo Miro, one of the Devils hybrids that were previously under the control of the mysterious Makima. The revelation that Sugo now attends the same school as Denji marks a crucial point in the narrative, as it brings with it a proposal that could change the course of history.

After Makima’s death, the fate of the hybrid demons, also known as Armas, remained a mystery. However, Sugo Miro finally clears up the uncertainty by revealing that they are meeting at the Chainsaw Man’s church.

This intriguing revelation points to a promising development, suggesting that the paths of Denji and his fellow hybrids may soon cross again.

Image: ‘Chainsaw Man’/Reproduction

Reze, a central and hybrid character, like Denji, is also at the center of fan speculation. The possibility that she is also at the Chainsaw Man church brings an added dose of excitement, with the prospect of an emotional reunion between her and Denji.

Manga readers are eager to witness the next step in Denji’s journey and his quest to understand his place in the complex world of demons and human hybrids. The manga continues to explore themes of identity, friendship and loyalty as characters face extraordinary challenges.

As the narrative threads intertwine, the Chainsaw Man’s church emerges as a central place of convergence, where secrets can be revealed and meaningful meetings can take place.

Fans are now eagerly awaiting the next edition of mango to find out how Denji, Sugo and potentially Reze meet again.

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