Prime Video: These bugs have been driving subscribers crazy for years, Amazon will finally do something

main video errors

Amazon Prime Video can boast of more than 175 million users worldwide, making it the second largest streaming platform right behind Netflix. It owes its success especially to special content such as The Boys and The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. Reacher, Citadel, Mr. and Mrs. Smith or more recently the Fallout event series for example.

But the platform has been struggling with this for years Lots of recurring bugs that seriously impact user experience. We’re especially thinking of wrong movie/series titles, out-of-order arrangement of episodes, flawed translations, subtitles full of typos, and even missing languages.

main video errorsmain video errors

Prime Video is broken by a series of bugs and glitches

As a result, despite the huge investments (no less than 19 billion dollars) in the development of the streaming service, Amazon is drowning in customer complaints. According to internal documents cited by our colleagues from the American site Business Insider, 60% of complaints to Amazon were about errors in the catalog. in 2023 The American giant recorded more than 10,000 reports on episodessubtitles or missing languages ​​for example.

Journalists talk about some anomalies pointed out by users:

  • The second part of Rings of Power was available before part 1 in some countries where it will air in 2022.
  • There has been no Spanish dubbed version of the action movie Die Hard With Vengeance starring Bruce Willis for a long time
  • There was no correct age limit on the TV series Continuum

We could go on all day because there are so many examples, especially on Prime Video Reddit. Also note We also encounter such deviations in rental movies/series. Yours really paid for it after renting the excellent Italian film Last Night in Milan, which only offered a French version… There’s no original version to sink your teeth into. The fact that other platforms such as Apple TV+ or Canal+ VOD also offer an original version in Italian in addition to VF was enough to cause outrage.

main video errorsmain video errors

Amazon finally decided to fix its platform

One platform executive admitted to Business Insider that these “stupid bugs” have existed for years. He adds The importance of the problem may be greater than we think. There’s a good reason why Amazon is happy to fix a small fraction of the bugs reported in its catalog each year through a small internal team. Moreover, claiming that users do not systematically write an official complaint when they encounter such a problem, This doesn’t help with detection as the platform’s catalog continues to grow.

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But Amazon seems determined to take action this year. In fact, the American company “wants to launch a new program forFix missing user experience” And repair your streaming service. Because these problems are caused by coincidence, there is an emergency. More than 20% loss of engagement in the relevant thread Based on data collected by Amazon. The Prime Video team is also working on new software that can detect users who stop watching content due to these errors. Also working on a program Improve the quality of title and subtitle translations. Ultimately, Prime Video hopes to reduce the number of complaints to 15,000 per year.

Source : Business Content

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