Prime Video signs $100 million deal with the world’s biggest YouTuber

mr monster

It’s hard to miss the Mr. Monster phenomenon, even if it’s still far from the same reputation in France as it is in the United States. YouTuber, who is the world’s first YouTuber with 233 million subscribers today, is far, far ahead of the competition. By comparison, prominent French YouTuber Squeezie has 18.7 million subscribers on her channel. Faced with the passion for the most followed person on the platform, it was only a matter of time before streaming services became interested in him.

According to media Puck News, there is a visible mutual interest. According to the latter, Mr. Beast would sign a $100 million partnership with Amazon Prime Video. The platform would not be the only one on the scene, as the content creator would present his concept to other giants in the industry. Ultimately, this will lead to the launch of a new program similar to the one the Youtuber offers on his channel.

Mr. Beast will launch a new show on Amazon Prime Video

We still know very little about this new show. Puck News confirms that the channel will use the content formula hosted by Mr Beast. There are regular games in the form of challenges in which these subscribers participate, in which it is often possible to win several hundred thousand or even millions of dollars. He was the first to produce an actual Squid Game before the Netflix reality TV version. The Youtuber is also known and criticized for his videos in which he helps people in difficult situations and scripts acts of charity.

However, according to Puck News, Mr. Beast will release the first episode of this show on his YouTube channel. Subsequent episodes will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. If this partnership is likely to be used to finance the project, Mr. Beast will probably need to get a share of that $100 million, too. Between June 2022 and June 2023, he has already earned $83 million thanks to these multiple events, making him the highest paid YouTuber in the world.

Source : Disc News

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