Piracy: Here is the list of the most illegally downloaded Christmas movies

Love it or hate it, the holiday season is for many people. Opportunity to return to the Christmas moviesoften turns to the classics that left their mark on our youth. Most of the time, these movies are watched legally, either on streaming platforms or on DVD.

However, the rise of illegal streaming platforms and downloading In recent years, it has pushed some people to turn to pirated movies. Our colleagues at TorrentFreak therefore took the opportunity to create a list of the most pirated Christmas movies on BitTorrent during the holidays.

In the second position, we find Mom, I missed the plane again.Continuation of the first work published in 1992. slightly less well received than the firstbut we remind you that it is also available on Disney +.

Then we find the last movie Grinch, published in 2018. It seems that no publishing giant has bought the rights of the work yet. followed by ginIt was released in 2003 and is not available on any streaming platform either. Finally, in the fifth position, we find the original movie. GrinchIt was published in 2000. The latter can be found on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

If you’re looking for other movies to watch, you can check out our best Christmas movies. The Moyens I/O team wishes you a happy holiday!

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