Panini Point: publisher opens 1st physical store in Brazil

The publisher Paninifamous for bringing Brazilian fans the adventures of iconic superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics, is taking a revolutionary step in Brazil.

The Italian publisher opened its first physical store in the country, Panini Point, inspired by the successful model implemented in Mexico, where there are already around 100 stores. This new feature promises to transform the experience of comic book fans in Brazil.

Porto Alegre’s new hotspot

Located at Viva Open Mall, in Porto Alegre, Panini Point is more than just a store; is a sanctuary for comic book and collectible aficionados.

With wide opening hours, Monday to Saturday, 10am to 10pm, and Sundays, 12pm to 6pm, the store provides a place for fans to explore, collect and purchase their favorite comic books.

Image: Panini/Reproduction

The store represents a kind of Panini franchise and follows specific rules. The main one is that the part dedicated to publications must be exclusively dedicated to Panini material, which does not prevent other related products, such as collectible dollsare also sold.

The store will also function as a Panini distributor, supplying materials to newsstands and bookstores in the region. Furthermore, Panini has already announced plans to expand its presence in the country, with the next store scheduled for Belo Horizonte.

By the end of this year, São Paulo will also receive a publisher’s store. This is because the company is committed to offering promotions and payment facilities that adapt to the reality of physical storesguaranteeing a unique experience for fans.

The company’s commercial manager, Leandro Ayres, added that the public in Porto Alegre will no longer need to wait for the releases to arrive, as Panini Point will offer practically simultaneous access to the editions presented on the publisher’s official website.

With a larger collection than the conventional market, the store aims to meet the needs and desires of local music fans. comics.

Based on this, Panini Point is more than a store, it is a space to celebrate comic book culture, where fans can gather, explore and collect their favorite characters.

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