OQEE Ciné: catalog, Free box and compatible devices, reviews, all about the free streaming service

Free is known for democratizing the internet in France. Only this. concrete example: Freebox was the first triple play offering all inclusive with unlimited internet, television and telephone. From then on, all operators followed in the footsteps of the French Net Troublemaker: Neufbox, SFRBox, Livebox, BBox, etc. It was a real revolution at the time, allowing France today to enjoy one of the cheapest Internet access in Europe.

Faced with competition, Free has improved its Freebox offering over the years and has grown in number. including international destinationsexpands the range of TV channels. He was the first to systematically provide free PLC With these Boxes to facilitate the connection between router and decoder. And he is one of the few to be included in their offering. wifi repeaters. Recently, the company also announced Free Ligue 1, which provides free access to highlights of all Ligue 1 matches.

Operator’s last attempt: OQEE Ciné. This is an on-demand streaming video offering that includes TV shows and movies. This isn’t the first time an access provider has started an SVOD service. The most glaring example is OCS, Launched by Orange in 2008. But OQEE is different as it is included in the subscription. It’s also not the first time the streaming offer is included in a subscription: Prime Video is an SVOD service included in the offer. AmazonPrime. OQEE Ciné, on the other hand, is the first to be offered to its subscribers free of charge by an ISP.

Who are the users authorized to access OQEE Ciné? How is the service financed? Which screens are compatible with the service? And first of all, what programs are in the catalog? This file aims to answer all these questions.

OQEE Cinema, what is it?

OQEE Ciné is an SVOD service, meaning streaming video on demand like Netflix, Prime Vidéo or Disney+. This is why OQEE Ciné is different from other content accessible from the OQEE TV app: it is neither linear television like traditional channels nor a catch-up television service like MyTF1, France.tv or M6 Replay.

OQEE Ciné allows you to: watch tv series and movies, just like any other SVOD service. Its content is regularly updated to enrich the catalog. Unlike Disney+, Paramount+ or HBO Max, this service does not integrate with other more mainstream platforms such as Apple TV+, Canal+ Series or Prime Video. Accessible only on systems with OQEE TV. You can find the full list in the “ section. Compatible Platforms of this folder

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How much does OQEE Cine cost?

Access to OQEE Ciné: completely free For Freebox subscribers. No content requires additional payment. The service is ad-supported. Therefore, at the start of a program, the subscriber should watch an ad or two, as with Amazon’s Prime Video. There are also commercial breaks during movies. The number of ads to display depends on the content.

OQEE Cinema Reserved for Freebox subscribers. User-adopted Freebox has no restrictions: all customers can access OQEE Ciné, whether they are tenants of Freebox Revolution, Freebox Pop or Freebox Delta. On the other hand, the service is not Not available for Free Mobile customers Those who don’t have freebox. The service became official on March 7, 2023. It was made available to all Free subscribers on the same day.

OQEE Ciné: which platforms are compatible?

OQEE Ciné service is a service accessible from all platforms where the OQEE TV application is available. It includes :

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  • Freebox Pop, Révolution and Delta (with Devialet player)
  • A TV under Android TV or Google TV (Sony Bravia type)
  • Samsung smart TV
  • An Apple TV box available for free or from Apple
  • An Android TV multimedia box
  • Smartphones and tablets running iOS (12.2 or higher) and Android (7.0 or higher)
  • Web browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.)

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Unlike Netflix, no restrictions on the number of users connecting at the same time At OQEE Cine. You can connect from a connected TV, a Freebox, and a tablet at the same time. Likewise, you can connect to the service on the go. Simply connect to the service (from the web or an app) with your Freebox credentials. access: Available in France and the European Union. On the other hand, the beyond becomes inaccessible.

What movies and TV shows are on OQEE Ciné?

OQEE Cine is a streaming service dedicated to series and moviesPrime Video integrates sports programs (Ligue 1, Roland Garros, etc.), documentaries (Ici c’est Paris, Orelsan Never show this to anyone, Guy Roux, etc.) and entertainment (LOL Qui rit Fate, etc.). on the contrary. ) OQEE Ciné therefore chooses a tighter catalogue.

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When launched, Free does not fund any content. therefore no no exclusivity What they offer, unlike almost all competing platforms that stand out with their TV series and movies. Conclusion: There are not many recent films in the catalogue.

The service catalog is important 300 different content on March 7, 2023, but the operator announces that it wants to update the catalog every month. The catalog includes French and international productions in the main genres of 7th art. The whole family is worried as American blockbusters go shoulder to shoulder with animated films, romantic comedies, and even thrillers.

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OQEE Cine movies Organized into nine sections, some films are available in several categories:

  • Blockbuster movies : Limitless, Hellboy, Godzilla, The Last of the Mohicans, Dracula, Larry Flint…
  • comedies : 30 years or nothing, Halal State Police, Allumeuses, Brüno …
  • Youth : Stuart Little 2, Tintin, Goosebumps, …
  • stock up : Ultimate Game, Street Fighter, Universal Soldier, …
  • poles : Blue Robed Devil, Imperium, A vigilante in town…
  • Passion : Sleepless in Seattle, Shimmer, For worse and for better…
  • science fiction : Spirit, Final Fantasy, Encounter of the Third Kind…
  • thrillers : Siberian, Evil, Obsessed…
  • Fear : Evil Dead, Dementia, Frankenstein, Remember Last Summer 2…

OQEE Cinema series arranged differently. Each has its own special section with direct access to each season. Here are the series available on OQEE Ciné:

oqee cine knows everything

  • damages
  • Married, two children
  • Pan Am
  • taken
  • Actor

How to access OQEE Cine?

  • install the app (Available in AppStore and PlayStore) iPhone (iOS 12.2 or higher), iPad (ipados 12.2 or higher), Android smartphone or tablet (Android 7.0 or higher required), Android TV / a TV running Google TV (Sony for example) or a Samsung Smart TV.

oqee cine knows everything

oqee cine knows everything

  • If you go through a web browser, log in at www.oqee.tv. Then the procedure is the same.

Access to OQEE TV

  • start the application (or site) and connect with your Freebox login and password.
  • The synchronization of OQEE TV user accounts is automatic. If there is no account, create one.
  • Once the public interface is accessed, click Open ” Search » at the bottom of the interface, then on the « button VOD available under the search tab. In this section, you can access all paid or free VOD content.
  • in the ” category Our services », to chooseOQEE Cinema “. Then you have access to all the content of Free’s free SVOD service.

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If you’re using an Apple TV purchased for Free, you don’t need to sign in to your account to access OQEE TV and OQEE Cine content: you’re automatically authenticated using your Freebox (Pop or Delta only). It’s handy, but you can’t take this Apple TV on vacation.

oqee cine knows everything

Please note that the search engine in OQEE TV’s “browse” tab does not cover all movies and TV shows available on OQEE Ciné. The results are not yet comprehensive. But over time it should be. As with the competition, the films are presented in VO and VF: a menu can be accessed during viewing to change the dubbing or subtitle language. If you have a compatible sound system, some movies are offered in 5.1 audio (if the original content supports it).

oqee cine knows everything

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