Only a Disney princess is not the protagonist of the plot; see which

To be considered a member of the princesses of Disneya character needs to meet certain guidelines, such as being present in an animation, being fully human or partially human.

Furthermore, she must have been born a princess, married someone from royalty or performed a heroic action in a kingdom.

In addition to the guidelines mentioned, being the protagonist of the story is also one of the rules. However, surprisingly, one of the thirteen princesses of Mickey’s House does not fit this criteria.

This is because she plays a secondary role in the plot, contrary to the studio’s usual norm.

One of the princesses is not the protagonist of her story – Photo: Disney

Find out who the princess without a leading role is

The princess who breaks the rule is Jasmine, from the film “Aladdin” (1992), who made history by becoming Disney’s first non-European and non-white princess. In the plot, inspired by one of the narratives from “Arabian Nights”, Aladdin takes the main role.

In the film directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, the Sultan’s daughter, Jasmine, defies tradition to follow her own destiny. According to the law, she must marry a prince in the three days before her 16th birthday. However, Jasmine refuses to share her life with any of her father’s chosen suitors, which leads her to flee the palace.

Jasmine is the daughter of a king, but her story is secondary in the film ‘Aladdin’ – Photo: Disney

During her escape, Jasmine faces difficulties, and it is Aladdin, a modest young man who survives through petty theft, who rescues her. This meeting reveals that both do not feel comfortable with the lives assigned to them, thus creating the first connection between them, even though they come from completely different realities.

The story is available to Disney+ subscribers and is summarized as follows: “A simple young man finds a magic lamp with a genie capable of granting wishes. Now, he seeks to win the heart of the girl he fell in love with, without knowing that she is a princess about to get engaged. With the assistance of the Genie (played by Will Smith), he tries to pass himself off as a prince to win the girl’s love and her father’s trust.”

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It is important to highlight that Jasmine is also present in the sequels “Aladdin — The Return of Jafar” (1994) and “Aladdin and the 40 Thieves” (1996). Furthermore, she is a recurring character in the animated series released in 1994, consisting of three seasons. The princess also plays a role in the live-action film released in 2019, played by actress Naomi Scott.

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