Old Marvel movie has BIZARRE nude scene

The first steps of Marvel in the cinematographic universe occurred with ‘Howard the Superherofrom 1986. The production surprised us by being a remarkable experience that moves away from the studio’s usual stories today, that is, plots portraying mainly superheroes.

At the beginning of its history, the entertainment giant chose to explore unknown frontiers by transforming an anthropomorphic duck from another planet into its main figure.

Surprisingly, even with the participation of George Lucas as producer and the experience of Lucasfilm In preparing the costumes for the production, ‘Howard, the Superhero’ ended up becoming a chaotic experience that failed to achieve success at the box office.

This film, often considered one of the worst ever produced, highlights how criticism does not always fully reflect the efforts made.

The boldness of bringing such a peculiar character to the big screen, supported by the prestige of George Lucasfailed to avoid a complete wreck in critical reviews.

Scene from ‘Howard, the Superhero’ – Image: Marvel/Lucasfilm/Reproduction

However, it is inevitable to note how ‘Howard the Superhero’ remains a reference point in the history of superhero cinema, highlighting the willingness of Marvel in exploring unknown territories, even when the results generate controversy.

This chapter, despite its box office failure, highlights the importance of embracing experimentation and innovation, essential elements that continue to influence Marvel storytelling to this day.

The scene that left everyone shocked

It is unquestionable that ‘Howard, the Superhero’ left its mark on the history of cinema not only through its audacity, but also through scenes that challenged the limits of public acceptance.

One of the most famous and, perhaps, even disturbing is what many consider to be the worst representation of nudity and sex ever recorded in a film.

In a period in which the presence of Marvel films seems as common as the superheroes themselves, it is surprising to go back to the 1980s and contemplate the surrealism of this film released by Universal Pictures.

The creative freedom of that time allowed for a series of decisions that, today, would be seen as pushing the limits, if not completely unacceptable.

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