Obi-Wan is NOT Darth Vader’s greatest enemy in ‘Star Wars’

[Atenção: este texto contém spoilers da HQ “Star Wars: DV #39“.]

In a surprising and exciting twist in the pages of the “Star Wars” comics, Darth Vader, one of the franchise’s most iconic villains, finally reveals who he hates most in the Galaxy.

In a stunning twist, a comic reveals that Darth Vader is consumed by an intense grudge toward a specific character. Do you already know who he is?

Image: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

Hatred of Darth Vader, formerly known as Anakin Skywalkeris addressed to none other than Emperor Palpatine himself, the Sith master who seduced him to the dark side of the Force and transformed him into the feared Sith Lord.

Anakin’s path to the dark side

To fully understand the magnitude of this revelation, it is crucial to trace the path of Anakin Skywalker until he became Darth Vader. Anakin was a powerful Jedi, but tormented by his fear of losing the one he loved most.

These fears led him to a forbidden relationship with Padmé Amidala and dark predictions about his offspring. Amid the chaos of the Clone Wars, Anakin was introduced to Emperor Palpatine, who was secretly a Sith, Darth Sidious.

Palpatine then “seduced” Anakin to the dark side, promising the power to save those he loved from death. Over time, Anakin transformed into Palpatine’s apprentice, Darth Vader, known for his black mask and cape.

Darth Vader’s Bombshell Reveal

The crucial moment in which Darth Vader reveals his hatred for Palpatine occurs in the comic “Star Wars: DV #39”. Guided to the path of spite, a space in which everything is intensely dark, all of Vader’s thoughts are directed towards a single existence: that of Palpatine.

After all, his transformation into a Sith, his fall to the dark side, as well as his subsequent servitude to Palpatine represent the turning point in his life.

As such, he hates the Emperor not only for the role he played in his transformation, but also for having manipulated and destroyed his previous life as Anakin Skywalker.

This twist in the “Star Wars” narrative adds complexity to the iconic character of Darth Vader and raises profound questions about redemption, regret and the dark side of the Force.

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Now that the reveal is out in the open, “Star Wars” fans have a new perspective on the rich mythology of the franchise’s universe and the conflicting emotions of Darth Vaderone of the most fascinating and tormented characters in the saga.