New Ultimate Spider-Man surprises fans: appears married with two children

A marvel comics is relaunching its Ultimate Universe with an updated and innovative approach.

In this reboot, the writers have the freedom to explore unusual and surprising versions of iconic characters, moving away from the pressure of decades-old continuity.

One of the central pieces of this new universe is the Spider mana character who has always been a gateway for new readers.

The Ultimate Universe was renewed by Jonathan Hickman due to the invasion of the Creator, evil Reed Richards from Earth-1610.

This change brought notable changes, including a unique approach to Spider-Man.

Image: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

A ‘different’ Spider-Man

In this new universe, Marvel revealed an adult Peter Parker, married to Mary Jane Watson and with two children.

Jonathan Hickman emphasizes that “Peter and MJ’s marriage is one of many decisions we made that underline that this is a very ‘different’ Spider-Man story.”

However, this is not the same Peter Parker that many associate with Spider-Man of the Spider-Verse.

Unlike the divorced and “fed up” Peter that we see in some versions of Spiderversethis new Peter acquires his powers after becoming an adult and already married with children.

This is because, during the Creator’s invasion of Earth-616, he prevented young Peter from being bitten by a radioactive spider.

This approach offers an intriguing perspective on how Peter will balance his family life with his responsibilities as Spider-Man.

It will be interesting to explore how he deals with his powers and obligations in this new reality.

Peter Parker’s greatest appeal has always been his human nature and his everyday struggles. He is a “loser,” an ordinary individual that many readers can easily relate to.

He faces the adversities of the world with compassion and love, even when he is wronged. Now, Marvel has the opportunity to show how he deals with these issues in his married life and fatherhood.

While this new version of Spider-Man brings a lighter and more exciting approach, Marvel has been relentless with the Peter parker of the main continuity.

He was placed in a coma, without any Avenger visiting him, increasingly isolating him from the other heroes and showing a lonely side that contrasts with his story of overcoming.

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Image: MarvelComics/Reproduction

The complex relationship with Mary Jane

One of the most controversial changes in the life of Peter Parker was the dissolution of his marriage to Mary Jane Watson. Marvel has been exploring a complicated relationship between them, suggesting they will never be together again.

Since the divorce, their relationship has become increasingly sad, with MJ flirting with other heroes and the revelation that she has two children with someone else.

The arrival of the new Ultimate Spider-Man offers fans an opportunity to experience a smiling, loved and happy Peter Parker, bringing new life to the franchise.

The magazine “Ultimate Spider-Man #1” will hit newsstands in the United States on January 10, 2024.

Readers eagerly await to discover how this groundbreaking version of Spider-Man will unfold and how he will face the challenges of being a superhero, a husband, and a father.

It will be an exciting new chapter in the Spider-Man story.

Image: MarvelComics/Reproduction