New Marvel film will explore the dark side of Iron Man

The legacy of Iron Man continues to echo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and a controversial production is ready to reveal a dark theory about the fate of the iconic hero.

Although it was considered the company’s worst for Disney+, Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ series brought shocking twists to light, confirming a dark theory about Iron Man.

Rhodes’ fate and dark trajectory

Secret Invasion‘ revealed that James Rhodes, played by Don Cheadle, was swapped for a Skrull during the events of Captain America: Civil War.

This twist not only transforms the character as we knew him in the films, but also makes it clear that the real Rhodes was unconscious for an incredible 9 years, missing crucial events in the film. MCU.

The darkest discovery is that the real Rhodes was not present at Tony Stark/Iron Man’s funeral, not yet knowing of his best friend’s death.

The series reveals that, during the funeral, a Skrull posed as Rhodes, pretending to mourn the loss and consoling Stark’s family.

The future in ‘Armor Wars’

First advertising poster for ‘Armor Wars’ – image: Marvel Studios/Reproduction

This crucial turn of events will have its consequences explored in the upcoming film ‘Armor Wars’, which will hit theaters in 2025.

The plot will follow Rhodes/War Machine as he faces his worst nightmare. Tony Stark: Iron Man’s technology in the wrong hands.

The upcoming film is heavily inspired by an iconic arc from the ‘Iron Man’ comics, specifically the issues of ‘Iron Man #226-231’, published between December 1987 and June 1988.

In this arc, Tony Stark faces the consequences of his technology falling into the wrong hands, a narrative that remains relevant and impactful to this day.

The film, despite featuring a different hero in the main role, promises to maintain the essence of the comic book plot.

Exploring the possibility of Tony Stark’s worst nightmare coming true, ‘Armor Wars’ promises to take viewers on an emotional journey, while Rhodes He faces the complex emotions of discovering what he lost in the 9 years he was unconscious.

Marvel once again delves into the depths of superhero psychology, offering a narrative that promises to surprise and thrill fans.

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