New ‘Joker’? Batman’s ally turns into DEADLY enemy

O Joker, known for his unpredictable and dangerous nature, is always surprising superheroes. In this sense, Batman, together with his allies, have fought tirelessly to resist his attempts to corrupt them, thus preserving his life and principles.

However, there is one ally who is willingly transforming into a Joker-like figure. In the story “The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #9” by Matthew Rosenberg, Francesco Francavilla and Tom Napolitano, we are introduced to James Gordon, who finds himself trapped in his obsession with the Joker.

Batman’s ally is about to ‘Joker’

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The arc “A Clown is Born!” explores James Gordon’s transformation into a dangerous new version of Joker after the villain’s death. The narrative highlights how even trustworthy people can become great threats.

In this sense, after the supposed death of the Joker, Gordon refuses to accept this occurrence, despite reliable evidence and reports. Given this context, Gordon, driven by paranoia, interprets each crime as part of the Joker’s secret plan.

Unfortunately, Gordon delves into the villain’s mind, gradually transforming into a dangerous new version of the Joker and posing a deadly threat to the Joker. Gotham City. This story gains weight due to the deep relationships between the characters, especially the Joker’s attacks on Gordon’s loved ones.

Despite being tortured by the Joker, Gordon keeps his identity and belief in justice intact. However, his descent into villainy in an environment similar to his previous suffering is regrettable.

Interestingly, this transformation in Gordon is not directly caused by the Joker. By refusing to focus on anything else, Gordon is responsible for his own decline, while the Joker achieves his ultimate goal without realizing it.

What can we learn from ‘A Clown is Born’?

This story warns us about how a small stimulus can turn a virtuous individual into a monster. The Joker’s influence can ruin lives and corrupt people of integrity, highlighting that Gordon’s kind heart is not immune to corruption.

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