New Hollywood sensation: find out everything about reboots and remakes

In recent years, fans of franchises and great cinema hits were able to monitor the return of many works.

In some cases, they were completely redone from scratch, while others underwent minor changes.

For some, reboots are a great opportunity to watch great classics – Image: Jarid Hindstrom

For this reason, some doubts have arisen about the terms used in Hollywood, such as the difference between ‘reboot’ and ‘remake’, for example. Do you know which one she is?

‘Reboot’ and ‘remake’: what’s the difference, anyway?

It is not uncommon to see many people complain about the lack of original works in cinema today.

And it’s no surprise, after all, big studios have realized that they can make a lot of profit by releasing stories that have already been successful in the past.

For this reason, it is important to know the difference between the two terms we have seen. Follow along below.

Reboots are successful and have already become a trend: see the definition

Basically, ‘reboot‘ means restart. In this case, it is used to rescue an entire story or universe from the same media, but without following the same script.

Getting a reboot is something very common to happen with big hits, when studios want to release versions with more current language or simply a different plot.

‘Dolittle’ and ‘Matrix Resurrections’ are examples that were not very successful and ended up alienating the public.

On the other hand, the new ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy, which features Tone Hollandwas quite successful.

What are remakes? Find out everything about them

Already the remakes they are very similar to the original versions, being basically considered remakes.

Of course, however, they may also have changes to the script, but the purpose is still to tell the same story.

Adaptations from Korean to English, as is the case with ‘Oldboy’, are a good example of a remake.

Here also fit the live-actions, like those that became popular in the Disney universe, also fit in this case. ‘The Lion King’, ‘Mulan’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’ are remakes that have given a lot to talk about in recent years.

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Ultimately, both approaches have their weaknesses and strengths, but it’s up to each studio to evaluate them.

In some cases, they work really well and gain a new audience for the original work. In others, they end up bringing great losses for studioseven with an already established fan base.

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