Netflix will compete with Apple Fitness+ starting December 30, 2022

Netflix no longer hides its ambitions to impose itself in various fields. No longer limited to movies and series, the streaming giant is now turning to video games and soon to sports. Indeed, the firm published a blog post yesterday announcing the arrival of several dozen episodes of Nike Training Club, an app for home workouts.

This is great news for Netflix subscribers looking to get started, as the app subscription is €10 per month. Netflix, on its behalf, will of course offer these videos “for free” in its catalog. The first salvo will be released on December 30 before the second batch arrives on the platform in 2023.

Netflix wants you to exercise after the holidays

The chapters will be divided into various categories, the following is the list:

  • Fitness Fundamentals — 13 episodes
  • 2 weeks of bodybuilding — 7 episodes
  • Discover Vinyasa Yoga — 6 parts
  • Empowerment with HIT and Scan – 14 episodes
  • Wellness Fitness — 6 episodes

Each of the videos consists of a fitness lesson led by an expert teacher, showing the moves and exercises to be done. In this sense, its similarity to the Apple Fitness+ program, which has been available in France for just over a year, is striking. Although Netflix wants to position itself quite clearly against the Cupertino company in this industry, their content still does not aim at the same goal.

As a matter of fact, where Apple Fitness+ offers various viewing features, especially through the use of Apple Watch, Netflix is ​​content with streaming videos. In other words, the content is more geared towards occasional athletes who don’t want to pay for gym memberships and prefer to start quietly. Like getting back in shape after the holiday season, for example.

Source : netflix

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