Netflix signs fifth season of The Witcher

When Henry Cavill announced he was leaving the “The Witcher” series after season 3, many Andrzej Sapkowski fans believed that the audiovisual adaptation of the fantasy novel was in its final days on the screen. The casting director of the series, Sophie Holland, confirmed in an interview with Deadline that Netflix did it justice. Green light for the production of the fifth season of The Witcher. This is as reassuring for Liam Hemsworth as it is for Witcher fans. He will have at least two seasons to forget about Henry Cavill.

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Ms. Holland reviews issues such as the writers’ strike and the importance of caste agencies in representing diversity. However, if there is one subject that arouses the curiosity of journalists and the public, it is the future of “The Witcher”. We know, Liam Hemsworth will reprise his role as the main character. series, but for how long?

The fifth season of The Witcher has been confirmed by Netflix.

Me Holland has announced that the teams that are about to start filming the fourth season with Liam Hemsworth will start the fifth season after a short hiatus. This does not mean that the series will be systematically renewed. Netflix is ​​known for its brutality with productions that did not meet the expected success from the first season.

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Netflix wants to increase its profitability, which requires cutting down on “unnecessary” spending. Although The Witcher has many fans, the series cannot claim to be watched as much as “The Squid Game”. or “Stranger Things”. As such, I’m not sure “The Witcher” will qualify for season 6 if viewers aren’t up for it.

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