Netflix reveals the 10 most-watched TV shows of 2022

2022 has definitely been one of the toughest years in Netflix’s career. For the first time in its history, the platform lost one million subscribers as direct results of increasingly fierce competition. controversial decisions. 2022 was also a year of innovation for the service, which launched a new cheaper formula with ads.

In short, Netflix has had a lot of changes this year, but one thing has remained the same: the company has once again produced a large number of original series. Not all of them achieved the expected success, but others real boxes, cultural phenomena even during their broadcast. Today, Netflix announced Top 10 of the most popular TV series of 2022.

Here are the 10 most watched Netflix series of 2022

Without (any) surprises, of course, we find Stranger Things season 4 at the top of the lineup. The Duffer brothers’ series has broken all viewership records since its inception, and this latest episode boom was no exception. Second place, on the other hand, well WednesdayTim Burton, who went shoulder to shoulder with his older sister, aired last November. But within a month, the latter has already set several records.

Finally, the third Dahmer, a biography of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, which has had its fair share of controversy, especially as Halloween approaches. Here are the top 10 of the most watched Netflix series:

  1. Stranger Things 4
  2. Wednesday
  3. The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
  4. Bridgerton Chronicle: Season 2
  5. Inventing Anna
  6. Ozark: Season 4
  7. Audience
  8. Sand man
  9. Umbrella Academy: season 3
  10. Virgin River: Season 4

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