Netflix releases more than 1,000 new episodes in 3 months, quantity over quality

Ted Sarandos, CEO of Netflix, has always said: the ultimate purpose of his platform “something for everyone”. It’s a strategy that the firm has literally adopted. In order to ensure that all users find their account there, Netflix has decided to put the subtlety aside. According to a study by MoffettNathanson, it has added 1026 chapters to its catalog in the last three months.

If this figure is already impressive on its own, it’s even more impressive in perspective. Netflix is ​​of course first in the rankings, followed by “only” Prime Video with 223 new episodes. The podium was completed by Hulu and its 194 divisions. Finally, Disney+ released 140 new episodes, while HBO Max added 114 episodes. Note that these numbers do not take into account episodes other than the first season of a show.

Netflix replenishes its catalog with new episodes

A total of 159 original series debuted in this third quarter of 2022. A record for Netflix: 143 new series with 900 episodes were born in the second quarter. Some are indisputable achievements. We’re especially thinking of Dahmer, the biographical phenomenon of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who became the second most popular series on the platform, right after season 4 of Stranger Things.

“The entry of the flow into the houses […] matured like almost all individual services, with the exception of new entrants Peacock and Paramount+”This is how Moffett interprets Nathanson’s report. “Streaming services are no longer competing to add new customers to streaming, but rather to add (and retain) customers already in the streaming ecosystem. »

This is actually the whole problem of Netflix, which has a very difficult 2022 year. A quarter of users are considering canceling their subscriptions after numerous discussions that tarnished the company’s image, trying to retain as many subscribers as possible at all costs. So this includes the launch of hundreds of new series in hopes that some of them will work and create the event.

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