Netflix: iOS app has become much more streamlined and packed with minor new features

If you are watching your Netflix movies and series on iPhone, we can recommend you to download the latest app update. Indeed, this new version will undoubtedly be very popular with users, just like the version that brings spatial sound to the streaming service on Apple smartphones. Today, it’s the interface that deserves a well-deserved rejuvenation.

Netflix’s UI designer Janum Trivedi showed the changes brought by this update in a video he posted on his Twitter account. The first observation is made right away: the app is much more fluid and takes full advantage of the iPhone screen’s refresh rate. What makes the search for a new series or a new movie so much more enjoyable?

Here’s What’s New in Netflix’s Latest iOS Update

With this update, Netflix finally appears as an app worthy of its rating, and it will undoubtedly entice some to lure watching it on smartphones. Especially since that’s not the only change the latter brings. As a matter of fact, Janum Trivedi cites other new features included in this version in a second tweet.

For example, content display panels now respond and emit a faint light effect when the user moves their smartphone. It is somewhat anecdotal, and therefore absolutely indispensable. The app also displays new color gradients based on posters of selected movies and TV shows. Transitions have also been reworked and can now be interacted with.

Finally, the app offers haptic feedback as well as introducing a new design for the launch and user profile page. In short, a more modern application is available today.

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