Netflix CEO Predicts TV’s Demise in Less Than 10 Years

As you know, Netflix announces second quarter results. The results were eagerly awaited as the streaming giant has been in big trouble with massive subscriber losses for several months. Finally, the results really show lost a million subscribers, but still better than expected. And Netflix still hopes to go uphill.

Therefore, the American firm plans introducing various measures to restart the machine. Because of this, Netflix will start charging for account sharing and hence the company will offer a cheaper ad-supported subscription. However, the speech of big boss Reed Hastings during the announcement of the company’s results almost made more noise. According to that, The end of classical and linear television is very near and could come in five to ten years..

Netflix boss announces imminent end of television

In reality, Reed Hastings’ words must be of good quality. And you should know that the small screen will always be very present in the coming decades. fewer and fewer people watch television. If Netflix’s boss had the audacity to announce it for the first time, that’s why, and above all, the thousands of people watching TV every night. potential future customers for streaming services, and more specifically for Netflix. But to capture the classic television audience, things will be complicated. With all due respect to Reed Hastings, linear television still offers some advantages to users.

Especially with original productions (Grey’s Anatomy, Peaky Blinders, etc) and because it remains free. Traditional television is also widely used to watch major sporting events live. And it manages to find one of the most comforting features that no streaming service has yet matched: full linear delivery of content with an endless stream. This is also why many televisions stay on in homes to provide a slight background noise in our daily lives. It’s a fact that Netflix can’t offer right now.

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