‘Naruto’: you can acquire Sasuke and Sakura’s wedding ring

The anime-restricted object is now real. The fans of ‘Naruto’ can celebrate, as yet another item used by the characters in the cartoon has gained a real version that can be purchased by anyone.

This time, the couple’s wedding ring Sasuke and Sakura gained the attention it deserved. Studio Pierrot’s online store launched a replica of the ring and generated a huge stir on social media when announcing the news.

It is worth remembering that the characters’ marriage proposal was shown in ‘Sasuke Retsuden’, a type of soap opera that was adapted in manga and anime versions, with the new script arc of ‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’.

Ring features

Real version of the wedding ring of the characters Sasuke and Sakura, from ‘Naruto’ – Photo: Disclosure

The replica of the item is now for sale on the store’s website. The amount charged is 16.5 thousand yen, something like R$527, in the direct quote.

From the image, you can see that it is a delicate ring, with features that refer to the aesthetics of the anime. Expectations are high regarding sales.

‘Naruto’ has had fans around the world since 1999. The anime was created by Masashi Kishimoto for Weekly Shonen Jump.

The story tells the story of young Naruto who wants to be a ninja and aims to become the leader of his home village.

The series was hugely successful and immediately attracted attention. In total, it has 700 chapters that were transformed into two animes produced by Studio Pierrot.

Where to watch?

Today, it is possible to follow the episodes on streaming platforms, such as Netflix. The first anime ‘Naruto Shippuden’, for example, has 500 episodes. Of this total, 112 were dubbed in Portuguese.

In addition to Netflix, episodes are available on Crunchyroll and Pluto TV. The anime won over the Brazilian public in such a way that it was broadcast on open TV in the country in 2007.

The popularity of the drawing was what triggered the creation of the second drawing. The sequel ‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ takes place several years after the events of the original story and has a new feature that surprises fans: it introduces the children of the main characters.

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