Mauricio de Sousa receives personality of the year award in Japan; check out

Photo: Lailson dos Santos

Mauricio de Sousa, the creator of “Turma da Mônica”, is a much loved and well-known figure throughout Brazil. His work creating comic books has left a mark on the lives of many people over the years.

And recently, Mauricio de Sousa was once again recognized for his incredible ability, but this time the recognition came from beyond Brazilian borders.

During an event held by the Japanese embassy in Tokyo, Mauricio de Sousa was honored with an award granted by the Brazil-Japan Chamber of Commerce, known as CCBJ.

The trophy was given in recognition of his contribution as Person of the Year. This honor certainly affected Mauricio de Sousa’s emotions, who stated that his commitment to Japan has become even more serious.

What did Mauricio de Sousa do in Japan?

The cartoonist spent around three weeks in Japan, watching the premiere of the new live-action film by “Turma da Mônica – Laços”.

However, it appears that this was not the only reason for his visit to the country, as he is also involved in an ongoing project. Mauricio de Sousa mentioned that an opportunity arose to work with “Turma da Mônica” and its characters in Japan, and that this project is progressing very promisingly.

During his stay in Japan, Mauricio de Sousa was accompanied by Alice Takeda, who, according to him, accompanies him on all his work in the country and who, in addition to speaking Japanese, brought a feminine touch that was missing.

Upon returning to Brazil, Mauricio de Sousa expressed great gratitude and appreciation for what he experienced in Japan. He feels surrounded by a feeling of victory, having been internationally recognized for his work and commitment to “Turma da Mônica”.

This experience certainly further strengthened his inspiration to expand borders and take his creations to other countries, sharing the joy and magic of the characters with a global audience.

His dedication and love for what he does continues to inspire generations of readers and fans of “Turma da Mônica”, making him a true comics legend.

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