Marvel SURPRISES fans and reveals new era of X-Men in comics

You X-Men They are some of Marvel’s most iconic characters, and among them, some names stand out.

Among the most famous, we have the explosive Wolverine, the group’s mentor, Charles Xavier, and the telepath Jean Grey, who, in turn, is also the most famous host of the Phoenix, a cosmic entity with almost infinite powers.

Soon, the group has already become a stamped figure in the publisher’s universe, having performed crossovers with several other heroes, such as Spider-Man, demolisher and Iron Man.

Now, fans of ‘Homo Superiors’ have plenty of reasons to celebrate, as a new era for the magazine has been announced.

Marvel announces news for the X-Men

Text officially released for the new editorial phase – Image: Marvel/Reproduction

To begin with, the term used above is presented in the stories as a scientific name for the mutant species.

While the average human being is called ‘Homo sapiens’, some mutant supremacists, like Magneto, decided to create their own nomenclature.

Returning to the central theme, after a highly praised phase in the comics, the X-Men will have relaunches scheduled for July 2024. In fact, there is already an official name for this new beginning, after the end of the Krakoa saga.

Despite the good news, it is not yet known which titles will be included in the company’s initiative. Marvel only released a teaser announcing a new wave of comics featuring Professor Xavier, his students and enemies.

In turn, the text that accompanied the teaser said:

“FROM THE ASHES… THE X-MEN TITLES ARE REBORN! Following the end of the Age of Krakoa, new X-MEN titles will be released in July 2024. Stay tuned in the coming months for more information.”

Finally, so far there are only speculations about the elements that this new phase could bring.

On the internet, many fans suggest that the new saga will bring the Phoenix Force (mentioned at the beginning of this text) again, considering the title “From the Ashes”/”From the Ashes”, which suggests a return of the team to its original standard.

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