Marvel surprises by bringing back an ‘X-Men’ fan favorite

[Atenção: este texto contém spoilers dos quadrinhos de ‘X-Men’.]

Marvel just made a bold move that will leave ‘X-Men’ fans speechless! An iconic character is back, Wolverine/Weapon X from the ‘Age of Apocalypse’, also known as James Howlett from Earth-295.

His first appearance was in the ‘Age of Apocalypse’ crossover event in the 90s and he will return for more action and mystery!

Marvel reveals the return of a beloved character

Weapon X from ‘Age of Apocalypse’ is back – Image: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

Weapon X was recruited by a powerful variant of Jean Gray who has mastered the Phoenix Force. Unlike the version we know, this Phoenix used her powers to save her reality, and now she forms an unusual team for a crucial mission.

In the latest ‘Original X-Men’ comic, we discover that the Phoenix assembles a team called the Logan Squad.

In addition to Wolverine from ‘Age of Apocalypse’, the team will feature other variations, including Old Man Logan, Wolverine from Earth X, Zombie Logan and the unprecedented Jane Howlett, a new Wolverine from Earth-1281.

The entire plot unfolds from the moment Good Phoenix recruits the original X-Men team from the main Marvel Universe to save a parallel timeline.

The plot involves psychic intrigue, revealing that Jean Gray was crucial in the formation of Onslaught and that the original team of X-Men plays a vital role in resolving this cosmic problem.

With the exciting return of Weapon X and the formation of the Logan Corps, fans can look forward to more action, mystery and epic showdowns in the X-Men universe.

The ‘Weapon X-Men’ miniseries will have a script by Christos Gage and art by Yildiray Çinar and is scheduled for March 6, 2024, in the USA.

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