Marvel: J. Jonah Jameson transforms into Spider-Man variant

J. Jonah Jameson, the infamous rival of Spider mangets a new version in the comics that promises to surprise fans.

In the fourth chapter of the “Edge of Spider-Verse” series, titled “Edge of Spider-Verse”, an unexpected twist is presented to readers.

The new variant of Spider-Man

Source: Marvel/Disclosure

[Alerta: as informações abaixo contêm spoilers de “Edge of Spider-Verse #4”.]

Created by Daniel Kibblesmith and ChrisCross, this new variant of Spider mancalled Headline, brings a different Jameson than we are used to seeing.

In “Edge of Spider-Verse #4”, J. Jonah Jameson is transported to the world of arachnid heroes. However, instead of continuing his mission to criticize and defame Spider-Man, he takes on the role of a journalist looking for a big scoop.

A personality Jameson’s acquaintance remains, but now he uses his journalistic skills to seek truth and justice alongside heroes. The plot unfolds when Jameson is bitten by a radioactive spider, following in the footsteps of Peter Parker from Earth-616.

In the plot, he faces the villain Shocker and has exciting interactions with iconic characters such as Peter parker and Betty Brant. At the end of the story, Jameson decides to reject the name “Spider-Man” and assumes his own identity as “Headline”.

“Edge of Spider-Verse” is an anthology that presents several variations of Spider-Man in the Marvel universe. In addition to Headline, other characters such as Web-Weaver, the “gay Spider-Man”, and Spintress, the “Disney Princess” version of the hero, are introduced in this series.

Issue #4 stands out for exploring the innovative approach of transforming J. Jonah Jameson into a hero. Published by marvel comics“Edge of Spider-Verse” nº 4 is now available for purchase in stores in the United States.

This is the first time that the publisher has explored Jameson’s role as a character beyond his traditional antagonism towards Spider-Man since his comic book debut in 1963 with “The Amazing Spider-Man #1”.

Fans will certainly be eager to check out this fascinating new version of Spider man.

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