Marvel exposes flaw in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in new comic

[Atenção! Há spoilers de “Wolverine #38” no texto a seguir!]

Hugh Jackman is practically unanimous in the role of Wolverine. The actor has played the iconic Logan over the last two decades, which has led him to participate in several films as the mutant, including a future appearance in “Deadpool 3” and possibly in “Avengers: Secret Wars”, both within the Universe Marvel Cinematic (MCUin its acronym in English).

Although the Australian won over everyone with his masterful interpretation, Casa das Ideias itself agrees that there is one aspect in which this characterization fails.

The unexpected failure

Even the biggest fans of the actor and the character recognize a gap in Jackman’s characterization.

The most recent evidence of this failure emerges in the pages of “Wolverine #38,” a recently released issue. In this comic, Logan is on a revenge mission against the anti-mutant offensive led by the supremacist organization Orchis, with the help of the captain America.

During a scene in which Wolverine steals clothes from two incapacitated guards, he realizes that the clothes don’t fit him properly. Captain America makes a revealing comment:

“This is because not everyone is shaped like a box.”

Image: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

This observation highlights an essential aspect of Wolverine that is often ignored in film adaptations: his short stature.

Although Wolverine is recognized for his ferocity and mutant abilities, his stature is a fundamental characteristic in the comics. He is portrayed as a compact and muscular “block”, similar to a small angry animal capable of defeating much larger opponents, just like the wolverine that served as inspiration for his creation.

The height divergence

For context, Hugh Jackman stands at a height of 1.91 meters, making him remarkably tall. Although Jackman has impressively embodied Wolverine’s personality and behavior in the films, the actor’s height has been the subject of fan criticism since his debut as the character in 2001’s “X-Men.”

Her own marvel comics recognizes that the only flaw in Jackman’s characterization is his height, which is incompatible with that of Wolverine in the comics.

Despite this peculiarity, fans will be able to say goodbye to Hugh Jackman with honor in the next MCU films. Soon, Marvel should “correct” this detail by choosing a new actor to portray Wolverine with the stature that fans have always expected.

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Hugh Jackman won the hearts of fans with his iconic portrayal of Wolverine, despite the difference in height compared to the comic book character. Jackman’s journey as the mutant is worth celebrating, and now fans eagerly await the short Canadian’s next incarnation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.