Mark Ruffalo reveals unexpected story about his role as Hulk

Since his first appearances in romantic comedies in the 90s, Mark Ruffalo stood out in the cinematic scene, achieving an Oscar nomination before venturing into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Bruce Banner, the Hulk.

The transition from Edward Norton to Ruffalo in the iconic role came with challenges and a defining moment that changed the course of his career.

Mark Ruffalo and his character, Hulk, in the background – Image: Cinema com Rapadura/Reproduction

Ruffalo’s career turnaround

After modest beginnings in Hollywood, Ruffalo achieved critical recognition with the film ‘Mom and Dad,’ paving the way for a role that would define his career.

The invitation to play the Hulk came at a time of accelerated expansion of the MCU, right after the success of ‘Iron Man’. Norton’s departure from the project left fans curious about the character’s future.

With Marvel looking for a new portrayer for the Hulk, Ruffalo found himself in the position of a potential successor. The decision, however, was not immediate.

Ruffalo sought Norton’s opinion in a conversation that reflected the importance of the role for both of them.

Negotiation of his contract extended until the eve of a crucial announcement in San Diego Comic-Conwhere a limousine waiting at five in the morning would serve as a sign of your selection.

Confirmation and success

Ruffalo’s triumphant entry as the new Hulk at Comic-Con, alongside big names like Robert Downey Jr., was just the beginning of his successful journey.

This stage of his career was marked not only by public and critical acclaim, but also by a notable curiosity: even before Norton was chosen for the role of Bruce Banner In ‘The Incredible Hulk’, Ruffalo came close to winning the role.

This detail highlights an early and almost predestined connection between the actor and the character, suggesting that, in some way, Ruffalo’s destiny was intrinsically linked to the MCU’s green giant.

With participation in multiple MCU films and a confirmed presence in future productions, such as ‘The Avengers: Secret Wars’, expected for 2027, his interpretation of the Hulk has become one of the most beloved by the public.

Since then, Ruffalo has not only solidified his position as the Hulk, but also expanded his role beyond the MCU, receiving more Oscar nominations and wins at awards shows like the Emmy and Golden Globe.

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In addition to his role in the MCU, Ruffalo continues to challenge himself with diverse projects such as the sci-fi drama ‘Mickey 17’ under the direction of Bong Joon Ho.

His work as Bruce Banner/Hulk remains a milestone in his career, highlighting his ability to bring depth and humanity to an extraordinary character.