Manga goes on hiatus and ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ is to blame

The tragic end of one of the most acclaimed characters in “Jujutsu Kaisen” was an impactful event for fans of the manga.

While some even threatened a boycott of the production because of their disappointment with the direction the plot took, social media was also filled with lamentations from those who faithfully followed Gege Akutami’s stories.

Now, Kenjiro Hata, author of “Tonikawa“, revealed that he was also impacted by the tragic end of the character in the “Jujutsu Kaisen” manga.

The author felt the farewell strongly, and his regret ended up affecting the production itself. Throughout the production of “Tonikawa”, fans were able to see how the author was a fan of Gege Akutami’s manga due to the ever-present references.

Author pauses manga because of ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’

Image: Shueisha/Reproduction

In chapter 236 of the “Jujutsu Kaisen” series, readers witness one of the most impactful and shocking moments in the narrative.

During an epic and intense battle between two of the most powerful sorcerers in history, Satoru Gojo and Sukuna, tension reaches its peak. The author, Gege Akutamichose this critical point to make a plot twist that took many fans by surprise.

In this chapter, the outcome of the battle is revealed dramatically: Sukuna emerges as the winner of the dispute, while Satoru Gojo is killed. Furthermore, the image of Gojo with his body split in half is particularly striking. This shocking twist has several implications for the series’ story and characters.

Author Kenjiro Hata was so shocked by the events of chapter 236 that he had to take a week’s break from his own work to deal with the loss of a character. This illustrates the significant impact of the plot on the author and the audience.

The death of Gojoa central character and fan favorite, leaves a void in the plot of “Jujutsu Kaisen” and in readers’ expectations.

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