Manga ‘Black Jack’ celebrates 50 years with launch of new chapter created by AI

The intersection between art and technology has proven increasingly fascinating, opening up new creative and surprising possibilities. An example of this combination occurs in the world of manga, where one of the most beloved classics, “Black Jack“, will receive a new chapter in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

This time, the creation of this chapter will be the responsibility of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will use its advanced algorithms to bring to life a completely new story for fans.

Work for humans, art and creativity for artificial intelligences

However, not all readers were pleased to learn about this 100% artificial news. For readers, the use of Artificial Intelligence, such as ChatGPT-4, puts human work at risk, in addition to not exploring natural creativity for the commemorative chapter.

The unprecedented episode should arrive in November this year in Japan. According to an article in The MainchiTezuka Productions, a company founded by Osama Tezuka, considers the use of AI as an auxiliary tool, not a definitive replacement for human work.

The company also admitted that it is not sure whether the idea will work. The author’s son, Makoto Tezuka, who speaks for his father in his absence, said:

“Although I made the proposal myself, I know it is scandalous and, even today, I kind of doubt it will work. (…) We are challenging ourselves. I know Osamu Tezuka would definitely have used AI if he were alive.”

Furthermore, many people on social media have been wondering to what extent the use of Artificial Intelligence is actually facilitating creativity or just taking the few moments of creativity and artistic production out of human hands:

Remember the story of Osama Tezuka’s famous manga ‘Black Jack’

“Black Jack” is a manga written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka, one of the most renowned mangakas of history. First published in 1973, the manga tells the story of Black Jack, a brilliant surgeon who operates without a medical license, charging high fees for his extraordinary services.

Throughout the story, Black Jack also deals with his own past and his emotional scars, while facing obstacles and confronting figures from his past.

The plot of “Black Jack” is rich in drama, exploring the deepest aspects of human nature, while delving into the world of medicine and the complexity of the human condition.

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