Mafalda: famous comic book character hated soup. You know why?

Mafalda is one of the best-known characters in Latin America and his strips are full of reflections and questions about society and, mainly, the governments that govern it.

This approach led many teachers to choose small excerpts from their stories to add to tests and textbooks.

She is the creation of the Argentine cartoonist Quino and has been a hit among children and adults for decades.

The plot of her stories shows a young girl, who is already too worried about issues of global complexity.

But why did Mafalda hate soup, anyway?

Credit: Jornal Nota/Reproduction

A peculiar element present in Mafalda’s comic book script is her disgust for soup.

But why is this a striking characteristic of the character? There is a hidden explanation for something seemingly harmless.

The historical context of the work matters

It turns out that, when Mafalda was created, historically speaking Argentina was going through a dictatorship. This, then, was portrayed by Quino in a subtle way in his production.

In the work, every time the girl’s mother insisted on serving her soup and she protested, this was, in fact, a hidden criticism.

In other words, the much hated dish is a metaphor for the authoritarianism of the time. Therefore, Mafalda was forced to eat it even against her will.

In a 2004 interview with Clarin, the cartoonist revealed some details about the period the country was going through, stating:

“They soon warned me that there were topics, such as sex, the military and repression, that I couldn’t touch.”

Despite heavy censorship, he never stopped addressing the topics he wanted, but he had to do so using subliminal language to avoid being discovered.

The action was so successful that to this day many people are unaware of the hidden meanings behind the pages of his most famous work.

Currently, there is a vast amount of material about Mafalda that can be purchased in bookstores or online.

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