Luffy’s mother? New chapter of ‘One Piece’ brings mysterious character

In chapter 1,095 of the “One Piece“, we are taken to a crucial moment in the life of Kuma, the former Shichibukai, who became a slave due to his race and was taken to the legendary island of God Valley.

There, he encountered two figures who not only captivated fans but also raised a number of fascinating theories.

The first figure that caught the attention of readers was none other than Emporio Ivankov, the Revolutionary known for his ability to manipulate hormones.

Surprisingly, Ivankov was portrayed as a child at this stage in his life, indicating that this flashback will reveal the beginnings of the Revolution. A revelation that certainly aroused the enthusiasm of fans.

Who is Ginny?

However, the mystery reached its peak with the introduction of the character Ginny. This young and captivating character, who accompanied Ivankov, brought to light a series of intriguing questions. Who is Ginny? What does she represent in the story of “One Piece”?

One of the most intriguing theories circulating among fans is that Ginny could be Ginny’s mother. Luffy. After all, in her only appearance to date, she had a wide smile and was devouring meat, two iconic characteristics of the Straw Hat Captain.

This coincidence did not go unnoticed by avid followers of the series.

Additionally, Ginny appears to be close friends with Ivankov, which opens up the possibility that she knows Luffy’s mysterious father, Dragon, leader of the Revolutionaries.

However, the speculation does not end there. Some fans also suspect that Ginny could be the mother of Bonney, another character known for her voracious appetite. The imminent presence of Kuma, who is a key player in this flashbackmakes the plot even more complex.

What makes Ginny so intriguing is the fact that, to date, we know little about her. Her connection to important characters like Ivankov and possibly Dragon leaves room for a wide range of possibilities and theories.

“One Piece” fans are eager to see how the story will unfold and what Ginny’s role will be in this puzzle.

Chapter 1,095 of “One Piece” brought to light a series of shocking revelations, but the introduction of Ginny as a new character generated a wave of theories and speculations.

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His possible relationship with Luffy and Bonney, as well as his involvement with key characters, keeps fans eager for more answers.

The great ability of Eiichiro Oda, author of “One Piece”, of weaving complex stories full of twists and turns is evident once again. Fans can expect more exciting revelations as the story unfolds.