Loki season 2: release date finally revealed, Disney+ series returning soon

The Loki series, which was released in 2021, was one of Marvel Studios’ firsts. It thrilled fans with its convoluted story, eerie atmosphere and Tom Hiddleston’s on-screen presence. he returns soon in season 2

Marvel Studios has announced that Loki Season 2 will be released. On Disney+ from October 6. Like the first, it should utilize six chapters and be published at a rate of once a week. Something to keep us going.

Loki and Echo coming before the end of the year

Loki Season 2 could be big for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although somewhat borderline for the rest of the series, Kang takes on the threat, the new big bad. As a reminder, Kang (Jonathan Majors) was already in the first season and in the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania. He must face the Avengers in the next two installments of the saga, scheduled for 2025.

Marvel also announced the release date of the Echo series. Unlike other Marvel series, it is clear that the idea house will broadcast all episodes online at the same time. Will be for the next 29 November. Echo, a character played by Alaqua Cox, made his debut as a “bad guy” in the TV series Hawkeye. We left the young woman (Vincent d’Onofrio) struggling with the Kingpin alone in the last episode. Therefore, the famous gangster must be a part of it. It’s not the most anticipated series in the Disney catalog, but it could be interesting and lay the groundwork for another highly anticipated series: Daredevil Born Again, scheduled for release in 2024.

Before all this, Marvel Studio is betting on another series: Secret Invasion. scheduled for June 21 will feature Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) battling a Skrull invasion. A creation between a retro sci-fi movie and a spy soap opera.

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