Junji Ito presents Brazilian influence in his creations

Comic Con Experience 2023 was the stage for a unique moment with the presence of Junji Ito, recognized master of horror manga.

With a vast body of work, reflected in more than 20 titles available on Brazilmost of them published by Pipoca & Nanquim, Ito is a prominent figure on the cultural scene.

How can bossa nova influence Junji Ito?

At CCXP, the mangaka was asked about his appreciation for bossa nova, specifically the song ‘Garota de Ipanema’ by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes.

It was asked how this could influence a new story involving Tomie, one of Ito’s most prominent characters.

Junji Ito, one of the most prominent manga artists in Japanese horror – Image: Crunchyroll/Reproduction

The answer from artist expressed deep appreciation for the song and the various interpretations of it received around the world, specifically mentioning João Gilberto.

The artist reflected on the identity of this enigmatic woman, the ‘Girl from Ipanema’, perceiving her as a feminine ideal.

However, when comparing her to Tomie, Ito noted that although Tomie seems ideal at first glance, she differs significantly from that ideal.

Ito ventured the hypothesis of a meeting between Tomie and the Girl from Ipanema, imagining a possible “chemical transformation or change”. Such an interaction could generate a new narrative, an idea he considered exploring.

Tomie is a manga character created by Junji Itoknown for being the protagonist of the series of the same name.

Originally released in 1987 in Monthly Halloween magazine, Tomie’s story extended until 2000 and was compiled into volumes by publisher Asahi Sonorama. In Brazil, these volumes were published by Pipoca & Nanquim in 2021.

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