John Constantine and Morpheus appear together in an unprecedented publication from DC Comics

The publisher DC Comics will bring to the public, on January 16, 2024, the unprecedented miniseries “John Constantine, Hellblazer: Dead In America“, signed by Si Spurrier with illustrations by Aaron Campbell. This release is a significant milestone as it features an interaction between John Constantine, the enigmatic street wizard, and Morpheusthe charismatic character from the “Sandman” universe.

The reunion of Constantine and Morpheus

After a period of absence from regular DC publications, Constantine stands out again, now in a narrative that explores his attempt to prevent the evil use of a mystical object belonging to Morpheus. This storyline is a continuation of the acclaimed series of stories that ran between 2019 and 2021, also under the creative leadership of Spurrier and Campbell.

DC universe enthusiasts have a special reason to celebrate with this publication. The plot allows a reunion with the occult detective in his essence, far from the conventional superhero scenario, and offers an intriguing interaction with the “Sandman” universe, bringing an extra layer of complexity and charm to the plot.

Image: DC Comics/Reproduction

In addition to the return of Constantine, DC continues with the strategy of releasing stories in the format of “seasons”, which has proven to be a viable alternative to traditional monthly editions. This approach provides a differentiated reading experience, with a defined beginning and end, facilitating the entry of new readers and maintaining high narrative quality.

The saga will be a series from the DC Black Label label, aimed at readers over 17 years old, and is part of the “Sandman” universe. The plot unfolds from the events of previous editions of “Hellblazer” and promises to explore more deeply the interaction between the DC and “Sandman” universes, including the participation of Dream of the Endless and Alec Holland, the Swamp monster.

Furthermore, each edition will bring extra content, with 28 pages of story and no ads, providing readers with an experience rich in horror and humor, hallmarks of the “Hellblazer” saga.

This release not only enriches John Constantine’s legacy, but also exemplifies DC Comics’ continued commitment to miniseries that provide a cohesive and captivating narrative, expanding the boundaries of storytelling in the universe of comics.

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