Iron Man surprises fans with new armor in the comics

The series ‘The Invincible Iron Man’ is about to bring a surprise to fans of the comics: the introduction of Mark 72 armorknown as Mysterium.

This innovation is a creation by Gerry Duggan with designs by Juan Frigeri. The armor stands out for its unique design, which resembles a sentry, and was revealed to the public through an unprecedented image.

New Iron Man armor

O Iron Manone of Marvel’s most iconic characters, is known for his constant technological evolutions.

The Mysterium armor isn’t just another addition to your arsenal; it represents a new stage in the character’s development.

The cover of issue #16 of ‘The Invincible Iron Man’ features Tony Stark wearing the new armor, indicating that it will play a significant role in future stories.

The context in which this armor appears is equally remarkable. In the ‘Bloodhunt’ event, the world is thrown into continuous darkness and infested by vampires.

In this scenario, the Avengers will face one of their greatest challenges, and Iron Man’s new armor could be the key to overcoming these new obstacles.

Iron Man’s new armor – Image: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

Throughout his history in comics, Iron Man, Iron Man’s alter ego, Tony Starkdisplayed an impressive arsenal of armor, each with distinct characteristics and functionalities to face varied challenges.

Among the most striking are the Stealth Suit armor, designed for secret missions and with invisibility capabilities, and the robust Hulkbuster, created specifically to combat the Hulk.

Furthermore, Tony Stark has already owned armor with Asgardian touches, such as, for example, the Uru-Armor, Iron Destroyer, forged with the help of Odin, and the Thorbuster, made with an Asgardian gem.

Fans will be able to watch the premiere of armor Mysterium in issue #16 of ‘The Invincible Iron Man’, available from March 20, 2024 in the United States.

From the beginning, the series addressed darker themes, with Tony Stark facing several dangerous threats.

With the introduction of Mysterium, it appears that the series will maintain this direction, promising to keep readers engaged with its complex, action-packed plots.

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